Subject and title of master thesis

No one has any doubts that defining the topic and the title of the work is an extremely important procedure. On the title, after all, we turn our attention first. Similarly as in the case of the first impression, which we exert on the other person with their behavior or appearance, it is equally important to formulate the title of work that catches the attention of the recipients. The title should be carefully thought out and discussed with the promoter.

The first step, however, will be to determine the subject of the work, which should be:

  • narrow – too broad a topic that causes us to lose the main goal of our work and write generically;
  • converging with our scientific interests;
  • real to be done – too high ideas will not always be feasible.
  • Before choosing a subject for the job, one should answer the following questions:
  • What do we want to know when we write our work?
  • How do we want to find out?
  • Is achieving our goal real? Is it possible to do?
  • What is already written about the topic in the subject literature?
  • After answering the above questions and verifying the area of your activities, please go to the wording of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis title.

What should one remember when formulating the title of work?

The title should be:

  • precise and not too long;
  • consistent with the issues at work – too general or too detailed topic will make the work contradict the assumed problems;
  • unambiguous – remember to not use ambiguous words in the title of your work, because not every reader needs to know “what the author meant”;
  • correct linguistic – remember about stylistic and spelling correctness, which should be something natural, but it is not always.

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